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Ranch Rules


• Although every effort is made to assist a hunter in harvesting his quarry - and our percentage of successful hunts is extremely high - the ranch cannot guarantee success. Hunt packages and hunt fees will NOT be modified should a hunter not successfully harvest an animal.

• Gun Chambers are to be empty at all times when riding in vehicles.

• No loaded firearms in Lodge or other facilities.

• BYOB. Alcoholic beverages are permitted, but none are provided for any hunt packages.

• Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to hunt, and we reserve the right to terminate an individual’s hunt for cause.

• The ranch controls which animals are to be harvested.

• Game limit laws are strictly enforced.

• Hunters are required to sight-in their firearms on the rifle range in the presence of ranch personnel before hunting.


• A wounded animal is assumed dead, and as such, is counted as the hunter’s kill. A wounded animal is one that leaves behind evidence of being hit by the shooter. Ranch management’s determination is final.

• Recovery dogs are available through independent contractors for an additional fee to attempt to retrieve wounded animals.

• Hunt dates will be booked upon the ranch’s receipt of a non-refundable deposit. All dates and availabilities are considered tentative until the ranch receives the deposit.

• Trophy fees MUST be paid before leaving the ranch.

• Arrangements for taxidermy and shipping as well as any miscellaneous charges MUST be paid before departure.

• Some management units within the ranch will be closed when the buck harvest quota for that area is reached.

• Basic hunt fees do not include trophy fees, taxidermy, dog-assisted recovery of game, or gratuities.

• Valid Texas hunting license is required before ANY hunts.


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